Apricot kernel oil for hair: How to use it & what are its properties?

Are your hair weak and damaged? Do you want them to be thicker and stronger? Are they not as soft and glossy as they used to be? Try apricot kernel oil. It contains plenty valuable vitamins and minerals. What is more, in a short time it will improve condition of your hair and scalp. Give it a try, today!

Apricot used for obtaining the oil, comes from Central and Eastern Asia; it is, however, possible to come across it in other parts of the world as well. Fruits of this plant contain lots of ingredients, including vitamins A, C, E, fibre and potassium. These are eaten raw, in the processed form or dried. From its kernels is obtained apricot kernel oil, which has use in perfume industry, pharmacy and cosmetology. There are essential fatty acids present: linoleic and oleic.

Apricot kernel oil has beneficial impact on the skin of entire body and on hair. It provides skin with right hydration and nourishment. Helps exfoliate dead skin cells and makes skin complexion even. Its texture is delicate, so it is easily absorbed by the deeper skin layers. What is more, it has a positive impact on the human body, including cardiovascular system and skeletal system.

Frequently, apricot kernel oil, finds its use in hair and scalp care. It can easily replace cosmetics available in the drugstores, which consist of dryness causing ingredients, such as SLS, silicones and parabens. Did you know that apricot kernel oil stimulates hair growth? It can visibly improve also hair condition and structure. Thanks to it, your hair will be soft, elastic and bouncy. They will regain natural gloss, become easier in stylisation and combing will be true pleasure. It helps eliminate dandruff and flaking dead skin cells from the scalp. How should you use apricot kernel oil?

Before each application, heat apricot kernel oil up. Take few drops of the cosmetic on hands, rub it in between the fingers then rub in hair. Remember, you should never boil apricot kernel oil - it could lose its precious properties. If you want your hair to grow fast and scalp to be nourished, perform massage with apricot kernel oil. This way you can relax, vitamins and fatty acids will absorb better and hair bulbs will be stronger. The massage should take about 20 minutes. Make sure that apricot kernel oil is applied on the entire hair length. Leave the cosmetic overnight and in the morning rinse it with delicate shampoo. If you want, you can add some apricot kernel oil to your favourite hair mask or conditioner.

Apricot kernel oil will be great for hair oil treatment. Large amount of the product apply on scalp and hair. Perform few minutes massage. After two hours wash your hair with shampoo free of SLS and other harmful substances. The effect? Your hair will be soft in touch, glossy and easy to style. If you care about even better results, you can complement apricot kernel oil with other cosmetic oils: coconut, almond or olive oil.